Love Calling

Written in college:

As I walked up the hills
To the place where I sleep
From a day with two midterms
That caused me to weep

I heard my love’s call
A voice small, from afar
So I rushed up to greet her
That dazzling star

When I got to my room
She was there, so at ease
Enticingly fair
And quite ready to please

Her aroma bewitching
I took her in hand
Then grabbed my machete
Slit her throat like I’d planned

I bit once and bit twice
Into smooth juicy flesh
Nothing more could I want
To make me refresh

Juices dripping around me
All over my face
I ate ‘til contented
With the meal she had graced

And when it was over
I trashed what was left
I will miss her, sweet mango
Without her I’m bereft
I really appreciated the imagery of hacking away at a mango with a machete.


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