The Gorgon

the gorgon

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Tripping balls

Tripping ALL the balls.


This is in Preview. I had NO IDEA you could do this. I mean, I knew you could flip pdf pages, but not like, manually rotate an individual page with two fingers.

Happy Pi Day!

TWO limericks today!
Want my recipe for a good pie?
First you measure the crust and here’s why:
The circumference when o’er
The diameter sure
Will give you transcendental delight
Pi seems magical but it is real
It holds universal appeal
Statistics, mechanics
And thermodynamics
Cosmology, fractals—what zeal!

The Six Types of Craigslist Creeps

Wait, “Craigslist creeps?” Isn’t “Craigslist” practically synonymous with “creepy?”

The people who think so likely don’t use Craigslist, but have seen select posts from the “personals” sections—including the notorious “casual encounters”—around the internet.

drinking piss

My experiences have been more mainstream. I bought my car from a rental agency, got an internship, found apartments, and bought and sold countless used furniture pieces through the site. In my mind, Craigslist was segregated into the creepy personals section and the larger, valuable part consisting of all the other sections.

That’s where I was wrong. The guy who wants to drink your piss and the man looking for 3 hot dudes to bang his wife aren’t creepy—they’re just people trying to get laid and fulfill fantasies. It may not be your cup of tea, but to most young people casual sex is pretty blasé. Nothing wrong with that.

What is creepy is when sexual posts make their way into the more “respectable” sections. When someone has to wonder what a job is really about. I’m back on the job hunt and have been seeing these nearly every day. After a while I started taking screenshots whenever I saw something that didn’t sit well with me, and I have now amassed too many to think it’s not a consistent phenomenon.

I have categorized the posts into 6 categories of creepy Craigslisters, in rough order of subjective creepiness (from least to most creepy).

6. The Eye Candy

It’s not about sex, it’s about watching. I think of men in their home as the housekeeper works, sneaking glances down shirts and up skirts, licking their lips and masturbating. Voyeurism isn’t creepy with everyone’s consent, though, and these posts are pretty clear about what’s wanted, even if it’s not explicit.

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