Poem for my nephew’s first birthday


Today you are one. A whole year of one.
Last year mama’s belly was an oven with a bun.
This year you will walk and then you will run.
Oh Daniel, what it means to be one!

You are one. Your life has just begun.
You are a cherished nephew and a precious son.
You have family and friends who love you a ton.
You’ll keep growing and growing and you’ll never be done.

Oh Daniel, what it means to be one!



Tick tick tick
Minutes ticking by
As I rest on my tick
With a tiki by my bed
It’s got tick tick ticks
All over its face
From that day I was holding a pen nearby
And I tic tic ticced
It just happens sometimes
But one day, I was resting
On my tick tick tick
As the minutes ticked by
I was playing a game
Of tic tic tic
Tac toe on my phone
I was minding my own business
When a tick came by
It snuck up from the ground
And it tick tick tickled
My feet, which stuck out
From my blue ticking sheets
And it ticked me off!
Yes, it ticked me off!
And I ticced, then I tackled
That bastard
As the minutes ticked by
And it bled, and it bruised
And it never comes by
Anymore when I’m resting
On my tick tick tick
As the minutes tick by

Happy Pi Day!

TWO limericks today!
Want my recipe for a good pie?
First you measure the crust and here’s why:
The circumference when o’er
The diameter sure
Will give you transcendental delight
Pi seems magical but it is real
It holds universal appeal
Statistics, mechanics
And thermodynamics
Cosmology, fractals—what zeal!

Love Calling

Written in college:

As I walked up the hills
To the place where I sleep
From a day with two midterms
That caused me to weep

I heard my love’s call
A voice small, from afar
So I rushed up to greet her
That dazzling star

When I got to my room
She was there, so at ease
Enticingly fair
And quite ready to please

Her aroma bewitching
I took her in hand
Then grabbed my machete
Slit her throat like I’d planned

I bit once and bit twice
Into smooth juicy flesh
Nothing more could I want
To make me refresh

Juices dripping around me
All over my face
I ate ‘til contented
With the meal she had graced

And when it was over
I trashed what was left
I will miss her, sweet mango
Without her I’m bereft
I really appreciated the imagery of hacking away at a mango with a machete.